Many of us are trying to make sense of the tragedy in Boston. I’ve seen the following quoted a few times recently, and I think it lends an important perspective.

(And, yes, Snopes verified that he said this. Honestly, though, who thought this was a fake Fred Rogers quote?)

Or as Robert Berg (@robwillb) tweeted: “Those who came to the victims’ aid & sent prayers from around the world far outnumber the perpetrators. Let that define the world for you.”

Yet, balance is essential. It’s important to recognize both those who help and those who hurt. But, as Jack Gilbert says in A Brief for the Defense“To make injustice the only measure of our attention is to praise the Devil.”

Where do we put our attention, both collectively and as individuals? I wish well to everyone who struggles to find peace with this situation and to those who look for meaning in the wake of all the world’s tragedies.