What a lovely tradition of generosity.

“Right after the war, many gentlemen had lost everything they had, and couldn’t even afford coffee. Now, being that black hot liquid pleasure not considered a treat, but rather a basic human right in the life of any Neapolitan, those gentlemen who could still afford to have one, took a habit of paying for two: one they drank, the other was credited, to be had by the first less fortunate peer who would casually walk in the bar.”

Snopes.com confirms the Italian tradition of “caffee soppesso” (“suspended coffees” or “pending coffees”), drinks that can be later claimed by less fortunate patrons. It now seems that the goodwill tradition has spread to more that 150 cafés across Bulgaria.

“The donor and the recipient would remain anonymous to each other, to protect generosity, pride, and the pleasure of coffee beyond hardships.”

As a longtime fan of coffee, I fully support this tradition and would love to see it come to the United States.