Photo by RobbAs some of you might be aware, we’ve been getting just a touch of snow in the DC area. It’s funny to think that not so very long ago, I was reveling in time alone. Now, after days of being snowbound, I’m becoming rather stir crazy.

The ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” is, to borrow wording from a fellow blogger, “Simple to communicate, passé in expression, world-shattering in application.” For a long time, I’ve identified as an introvert, and I have the Meyers-Briggs scores to prove it. But something happened on the way to the Snowpocalypse. I’ve reached my limit.

This is where true self-knowledge comes into play. I thought that I was introverted enough to handle almost any amount of time by myself. One of my favorite books growing up was Robinson Crusoe, after all.

It’s not that I particularly enjoy butting up against my own limitations. It’s all too tempting to think that I can take or leave being with people. But that would be denial.

It’s humbling to admit that I’m lonely — not depressed, which I’m all too familiar with — and simply need to be around people. But at the rate the weather’s going around here, it may just have to wait until spring!